End of school shows

It’s almost June and the year suddenly seems to be gaining speed. In the dark months, time moves like molasses … maybe it’s because it’s so cold all the time and I can never seem to focus on much else, other than keeping warm. But now, after spring break, everything and everyone is awake and moving. So far, we’ve had a few end of year school shows already. Both of them were wildly entertaining which was unexpected, to say the least. The dance show my daughter was in had kids from different grades and they were just up there to have fun – the feeling was contagious. Although the dances were not great, the kids on stage and in the audience had so much fun, we ended up just rolling with laughter. The goofy kids on stage who surprise themselves when they make the audience laugh. The delightful 8 year olds who reenact a song from Grease and try to be cool but are just Kids are really funny when you look at them slightly detached with not too much emotional investment. I guess that why people always think other people’s kids are great.


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