I overheard this conversation between my kids this week. My 8 year old daughter says to my 15 year old son, “When are you going to give me back the money you borrowed?”. He says, “Soon, I dont have it right now”. She’s quiet for a minute, then says “Ok. You owe me $3.75”. He… Continue reading Conversations


In the playground today….

Kids say some evil stuff. At the playground today, some kids weren’t getting along and moms had to get involved. One of the kids left with his mom and on the way out he yells “Eric, we will never like you!”. That’s harsh man.


We are all so many things to ourselves and to others. I happen to be a mom. Wife. Sister. Short order cook. Emotional support pillar…. You get the idea. At this point, I feel I have lived many different lives and this phase is the one I am most aware of and feel most acutely.… Continue reading Who