Family of 4 Travel

How we family travel

When you get married or share your life with someone, there is some basic element of compatibility between the couple otherwise there’s no point in staying together. One known area of contention and stress is travel. People travel very differently and it’s important, if you are a couple (or even friends) who plan to travel together, that you are compatible travel companions. Whether you are or not can strengthen or break the relationship.

My husband and I took our first trip together before we actually got married. It was a domestic trip and we learned a lot about each other. We actually started out with very different travel styles but we’ve found a way to make it work for us.

During that first trip, I discovered that he likes to wander around a city, get lost and let the city reveal it’s secrets to him. I am the one who like to take a tour of the city to get acclimated then, make a daily (hourly!) Itinerary. Over the years we have (thankfully) figured out a way to marry our travel styles.

We have 2 children with a 7 year gap between them. With such a wide age gap, we do need some planning. But, the children really do benefit from having a whimsical adventure – after all, holiday is for carefree and the unknown. So now, we are finessing the formula that works quite well for our family. We do one structured activity a day (museum, landmark, hike, wildlife etc…), and the rest of the time we let the city talk to us and we listen, observe and interact.

By the time we get this family travel thing perfected, the kids will be grown and we parents will have to figure out the how to travel without the kids!